Let’s cut to the chase. Listening is an undervalued skill that many fail to recognize as essential.

Do you ever notice your mind is busy thinking of an answer before the other is done with their sentence?

Or maybe, you are someone who frequently cuts off or finishes people’s sentences?

Looking Out Over the Great Expansiveness of Possibility

We observe everything! We see the world as it is for us through our unique lens like no one else does. Recognizing this has power.

We then can establish the idea that “Even if we are watching the same event unfold, we may be having an entirely different experience.”


Complaining gets a bad wrap.

Many view complaining as something we shouldn’t do. Perhaps we are missing an opportunity.

What is your view about complaining?

Too many people do not complain because they feel they will get labelled as a whiner. That leaves them feeling frustrated, isolated and hopeless.



Dave is a coach, father, entrepreneur and leader. He lives in Steveston, B.C., Canada and is the founder of the Small Pause. See more at www.smallpausecoach.com

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